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Börkur hf. er leiðandi fyrirtæki í framleiðslu glugga og hurða. Öll framleiðsla fyrirtækisins er vottuð af Rannsóknarstofu Byggingariðnaðarins.

Tormatic Opnarar

header_en.jpg All openers from Tormatic are tested for highest quality standards. They have turned out well in Icelandic conditions and have proven to bee maintenance free. They work on powerful, silent motors. All Tormatic openers are made with sensors that can sense very little resistance so they are very secure in all circumstances. If there is any resistance the door will stop and open again. 

The Tormatic openers are available in many types, weather they are for old or for new doors. We also offer many solutions for companies. 

A good lookin sender comes with any opener that will allow you to open the doorfrom the car and in the same time turn on lights on the opener. It is easy to add senders for each and every one, depending on how many one needs.
Hand transmitter

tormatic track The opener is secure and gives you full protection against a break-in. There is no need for any other lock for the garage door but all openers come with "self-locking gearbox" technique that takes care of the door being locked when not in use.

With all openers from Toors it is possible to get a very good brautarkerfi. 
They are very quiet and should be stuck to the ceiling of the garage in 3 easy steps. They are maintenance free and silent. 
tormatic track inside


The garage door opener from Tormatic allows you to walk around your garage in the safest way and convenience possible. You drive into the garage by hitting a button and it protects you from all harm. There is no need to go out in bad weather if you have your car safe into your garage where it is protected.


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