Börkur hf. - Gluggar, huršir, bķlskśrshuršir, gler og karmar

Börkur hf. er leiðandi fyrirtæki í framleiðslu glugga og hurða. Öll framleiðsla fyrirtækisins er vottuð af Rannsóknarstofu Byggingariðnaðarins.

The Company

The company, Börkur hf., was established in 1986. Present administrators and owners of the company are Alexander Benediktsson manager, Ingimar Snorri Karlsson production manager, Hilmar Baldvinsson foreman og Snorri Bergsson marketing manager.

In the first years the activity of the company was general contractor activity along with an operation of a wood shop. Since the beginning the main emphasis has been on the making of windows and doors. Since in the beginning of 1990 all construction work was stopped and the main emphasysis was set on the wood shop.
The recent years Börkur hf. has become a progressive production company that produces windows and doors and takes pride and dynamism in elaborate production for Icelandic buildings and resists fully all comparism to foreign import. The output of the company has grown steadilyand is now one of the largest companies in Iceland in the production of doors and windows. Inside the company there has been a powerful production development and marketing.

Börkur hf. er has quality controls on its production and has a certification from Rannsóknarstofnun byggingariðnaðarins (RB). The company has an inner supervision of the products but RB supervises the external one. This way the company tries to guarantee that the buyers get quality products. Börkur hf. is among the foremost companies that fulfill theprovisions of laws of construction about supervision and certification for interference of new buildings.

Most of the customer copmanies of Börkur hf. are conctractor companies in or near Reykjavík, the capital, but about 80% of the production ends up there and many of those companies are in föstum viðskiptum.

Börkur hf. has a sales office in Gylfaflöt 22 in Reykjavík where one salesman is at work. At the company work 16-18 employees and all verksmiðjuverk unnin í ákvæðisvinnu.


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