Börkur hf. - Gluggar, huršir, bķlskśrshuršir, gler og karmar

Börkur hf. er leiðandi fyrirtæki í framleiðslu glugga og hurða. Öll framleiðsla fyrirtækisins er vottuð af Rannsóknarstofu Byggingariðnaðarins.


Windows from Börkur hf.

Made for Icelandic climate.

in production of the Icelandic window systems we combine the newest and the best techniques that we know and years of knowledge of professionals.

You can find info about our profiles here for Aluminium Windows and here for Lumber Windows. 

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The windows from Börkur hf. are specially made for Icelandic weather conditions and Icelandic climate. Börkur hf. has been leading in the production of Icelandic windows for over 20 years. 

It is possible to order all kinds of wooden windows and doors and each unique window is made by any wishes of the buyer, which is an advantage. The windows are produced to your needs - weather it is for a new building or for maintenance.

We adjust our selves to your wishes and try to do our best fullfilling them, but also we fullfill all certifications and values that are necessary for the production.


For the production of the windows we use the best material possible. In northern woods of Sweden and Finland you can find the best pine wood there is for the production of windows. Those trees have all the quality that we look for. "Only the best is good enough".

We always use pine that has been growing slowly from northern districts of Scandinavia because long winters and short growing period in the summer make the growing condition more desirable for dense growth timber. 

Consequently those areas make the annual rings of the tree tighter than others which makes the trees stronger, harder and more resistant against all weather conditions. 


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