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Börkur hf. er leiðandi fyrirtæki í framleiðslu glugga og hurða. Öll framleiðsla fyrirtækisins er vottuð af Rannsóknarstofu Byggingariðnaðarins.

BÝlsk˙rshur­ir Toors

Here you can find informations about Toors garage doors for the home or for the company. 

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Gluggaflekar í hurðir

All Toor garage doors are made of two layers of steel filled with foam. They have suited very well for Icelandic wheather conditions. They are well isolated and keep the cold out. 
Special design of the ends of the doors make it impossible for fingers to get stuck in between pieces of the doors.

Image Image
It is possible to have different types of surface for the doors and below there are few samples of textures. 

Wood texture
The most popular one. It looks very good and it is possible to get this texture in almost any color of the ral-system.

You can say that the texture reminds you of the textur of orange. Nice, simple look that has turned out well and lasts well. 

Smooth texture - very classy.
Image It is possible to get all rafts in almost any color of the Ral-system. We can offer fleka er hægt að fá eftir Ral kerfinu. It is possible to view a palette with the nest marketing manager. 


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